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Download ZiggyTV for free and access the best television channels and radios on the Internet. With ZiggyTV you can watch Sci-Fi Channel, Disney Channel...


Access and download the best multimedia contents

September 7, 2011
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Digital television offers us a great number of channels and improved broadcasting quality, but if you and your computer are inseparable you can always seek more: access to much more assorted multimedia content. And all the latter, using the Internet. For this purpose, we have applications like ZiggyTV.

Watch TV online and download multimedia content

ZiggyTV allows us to view a wide variety of television channels, like Cartoon Network, Sci-Fi Channel, National Geographic, Disney Channel, MTV Music Videos, NBC, Fox News,... And listen to lots of radio broadcasts as well.

And not only will we be able to enjoy all these multimedia contents that we have mentioned above, but ZiggyTV will also actually allow us to download all these files so we can watch them anywhere, even if we don't have an Internet connection available.

But moreover, we can access Flash games, the contents of famous sites like YouTube, Facebook.com, Google Videos or Hot Girls, download torrent files, manage our multimedia library, etc.

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